Lara Keel:

Lara Laneri Keel has over twenty-five years of experience in and around the Texas Capitol.  Mrs. Keel has been a founder and partner at the Texas Lobby Group since its inception in 2002, representing interests of clients before state legislators, regulators, and Texas policy makers. (78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83 and 84th, 85th and 86th Sessions).  A former business lobbyist at the state’s largest business association, the Texas Association of Business (TAB) Lara served as a premier business lobbyist in Texas, where she remains a Board Member.  Prior to her tenure at TAB, Lara worked on legislative and policy issues in the Texas Senate.

Recently Mrs. Keel was named the top female hired gun lobbyist in Capitol Inside’s Texas Lobby Power Rankings Biennial report every year since 2011.

Lara is also a founder and member of the Texas Capitol Group, where she partners with other professionals providing a full-service strategic communications and lobby alliance ready to meet our clients’ complex needs.

Austin lobbyist Lara Keel is the first woman in the past 12 years to be ranked among the ten most powerful hired guns at the Texas Capitol. She’s only the second female to have that distinction since the lobby rankings were conceived in 2003.

~Capitol Inside 2017~

“You Get What You Give…”
And other words of wisdom from Lara Keel

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Dallas Morning News 2009

And its lobbyists are among the most influential…… Lara Laneri Keel, another Republican heavyweight who previously lobbied for the Texas Association of Business and serves on the board of the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.

Capitol Inside 2009

Some of the lobby’s brightest young members like…Lara Keel…have graduated from the rising stars list in 2007.

Dallas Morning News 2005 & Capitol Inside 2006

A longtime politico in her own right.

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